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A Empresa

Your project is our project.

Every member of a specific culture has his own personal quality, his own way of understanding the world and, consequently, acting upon this understanding. Teaching the language is only one of our services. Along with teaching you the language, we take care to transmit the culture of the people behind the language.

Eurolínguas is a company which specialises in communication: languages and assessment for expatriates. According to the Webster dictionary, communication is “a process through which information is exchanged between individuals, through a common system of symbols, signs and behaviours.”

However, when people from different cultures do not frequently share a “common system” to successfully transmit their message, there exists very bad understanding.

Thus, we propose to work with communication as a whole. We have to consider that the mission of a foreigner in another country not only offers the opportunity for travel but also life experience. It’s a challenge that ought to be treated with due attention and care.

And it is with this due attention and care which Eurolínguas treats its clients. Our mission is to offer our clients excellence and personalization, helping them to achieve their goals through a reliable and enjoyable language learning experience.


We have an excellent infrastructure and highly qualified professionals to attend you promptly, according to your needs. Through personalised service, there is a dedication and respect for the individuality of every client. In this way, a relation of trust, quality and professionalism is established. We offer a variety of courses for different ages and requirements, where the client is always stimulated to achieve higher. The motivation for the learning is achieved through differentiated, personalised activities directed towards leisure, culture and any other matter of interest to the client.


Our Mission

Propose solutions for the area of language communication and cultural orientation.

Teaching the language with culture.

To offer personalised services tailored to the needs of the client, allowing him/her to live and work successfully in any part of the world. However, how do we guarantee this success? Through our individual attention for each client. During the Eurolínguas courses, the client feels confident, duly assessed and armed with the necessary tools to take on the globalised world.






We have a team of course co-ordinators, responsible for the pedagogical evolution of every student. We also provide assistance to the teachers if we feel that classes are stagnating or a learning difficulty is detected.

Our professionals are totally dedicated with the students, speak the language fluently and are educated at degree-level. Those that are not native-speakers have at least one year’s experience abroad.

Training and the refreshment of teaching techniques are frequently undergone in our institution. We seek innovation and the updating of teaching techniques.

In this way, through the constant perfection of quality of teaching and close accompaniment of pedagogical coordination, we guarantee learning with the satisfaction of the student being the primary goal.



Eurolínguas structures its courses in accordance with the European Common Reference Framework for Languages, which is an instrument elaborated by the European Counsel to create norms for the teaching, learning and appraisal of languages on the European continent. This system is based on levels of linguistic ability.

The materials and methodologies adopted by us are approved by the European Counsel or have proven equivalency (in the case of materials in American English). This is a true differential and Eurolínguas is a pioneer in São Paulo in adopting this framework on its courses.

Flexibility – Our services are tailored completely to the needs of the client, who states the date, time, duration and location of the classes, according to his / her availability.

Our methodology is primarily communicative. The student acquires the content of the language through constant dialogue. He / she is corrected in a natural way, without being overly pressurised. From the first class, the student is put into situations which simulate their daily working or personal life. Eurolinguas offers courses which accompany the personal characteristics of every client, preparing him / her to take full advantage of the learning. Thus, fluency is achieved in the four language skills: speaking, comprehension, reading and writing.

The contents are gradually constructed, leading the student to fast and consistent progression. The teacher uses various supporting materials which bring variety and motivation to the classroom. These include films, music, games, videos, interviews, simulations of everyday situations (airport check-in, hotel, receiving a foreigner etc).

The students also have at their disposal audio CD’s, multimedia and online activities to study when and where they want. Extra activities for language training are also offered, such as “field trips”, walks, happy hours, talks, debates etc.

In this way, we guarantee effective, dynamic, fast learning with initiative.

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